Somadhan Overview

Accounts, Inventory, Sales, HR, Payroll, Attendance, Leave, Production, Material, Project management software (ERP Solution)


SOMADHAN stands for (ERP) Enterprise Resource Planning Software that acts as an encyclopedia of business activities. Our Own ERP Software Band SOMADHAN provides an integrated view of core business processes in real-time, ERP Software using information from central database system. A web base ERP is the most important software to work out to automate the whole system. Those are normally use for day to activity. Customized web base ERP will help you to maintain & improve inventory control, easier in-store operations and customer service, improved sales, maintain & supply as well as the commercial activities and so on. Based on this customized web base ERP has seceded to develop an automated system which will maintain the records and generate daily, weekly or any periodical reports that are normally used for day to day activity.

Integrated Features

  • Secured Administration & User Panel.
  • Web based centralized cloud server system.
  • Compatible with smart devices/mobile browsers.
  • Multi users with multi authorization types.
  • Time based Multiple User Data-Entry Management.
  • Transactional SMS/ Email Integration (Optional)
  • 3 Tier Architecture, Agile based development.
  • Integrated Security System for ERP Software hacking protection.
  • Light-weight UI design for high data traffic.
  • 128bit encryption for securing data.
  • Scalable Database System.
  • User level access Authentication-assigned from Administrator.
  • Seasoning and Safe view-stat Configuration& Authorization.
  • Integrated and linked modules etc.
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